politely pointing out stupidity

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by trading1, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have real problems dealing with the financial industry at times because on one hand theres a culture of 'the best and brightest' striving to succeed, superior service and so on, and yet underneath its often very mediocre. . Also, there is an element of bastarditry, you can't afford to rub peoples mistakes in their face. So its all so indirect and polite, and thats not my nature. Even little things, like open a foreign account and they'll repeatitively wake you at 4AM with phones and faxes, how'd point out 'don't call at this hour'? Subtly or politeness does not work. Forcefulness risks making a ho har, a special case, drawing attention and so on that you don't want associated with your financial affairs. One of those things I've never been able to get around.