polish plane crash

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  1. do any of you think the polish plane crash was suspect?
  2. There will forever be a multitude of theories as to what actually happened.

    We will be told whatever the person or group controlling the investigation and the news wants us to believe.

    I don't believe what I hear from the US Gov't because they have proven themselves liars over and over. I sure ain't goin to the bank with anything coming out of any other gov't.

    Plane crashed. People died. Sad story. The end.
  3. i wouldn't say it is the end when the a huge part of the polish elite have been wiped out. can they be replaced?

  4. I heard one account of the powerful passengers on board were insisting on landing ...now, in spite of the pilots reluctance.

    As for conspiracies; strange how these days the first thing people
    think of is the possibility. We might now see all sorts of puzzle pieces offered by people who've learned to make a living at it.
    Lets see theres missles in Poland, gas pipelines, a recent meeting
    between Obama and Medvedev ...anything else?
  5. Isn't this the vain Dusch who created the show your face thread and kept asking if we thought he looked good? I hope he doesn't have access to our personal info. I'll fill his hide full of buckshot if I catch him trying to peek in my window.

  6. My source says the probable cause of the Polish plane crash was a snapped rubber band which powered the engine.