Polish foreign minister in Berlin warns from “a crisis of apocalyptic proportions”

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  1. Germany is the only country in Europe that can act to save the eurozone and the wider European Union from “a crisis of apocalyptic proportions”, the Polish foreign minister warned on Monday in a passionate call for more drastic action to prevent the collapse of the European monetary union.


    “I demand of Germany that, for your own sake and for ours, you help it survive and prosper,” he said. “You know full well that nobody else can do it. I will probably be the first Polish foreign minister in history to say so, but here it is: I fear German power less than I am beginning to fear German inactivity. You have become Europe’s indispensable nation.”


    That´s hardcore to hear this from a Polish foreign minister in Berlin...Ay, ay, ay.. :cool:

    Where is my Panic button?

  2. typical political approach.
    very bad advice. germany should cut all financing to foreign countries.
    let them work hard for their own prosperity. socialism is the worst thing you can do to a nation.
  3. dtan1e


    best thing for germany is to save themselves as the other eu countries fall apart, rather than save everyone and in end they be dragged down too
  4. keep in mind that Poland is a member of the EU but they do NOT use the euro.