Police Stop-and-Frisk Called ‘Degrading’ to New Yorkers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Like most liberals, I don't think Bloomy has read or understands the Constitution. Those liberals who do understand it believe it is paper worthy of burning.
  3. Rather than stop-and-frisk the NYPD should simply revert to what they used to do to criminals - pump 50 or so bullets into them.
  4. Clearly bullshit and unconstitutional law imo.
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    Can't. Only 7 round magazines allowed in NYC now.
  6. That's why they have 8 cops do the shooting...

    usually wounding 15 or so innocent bystanders while doing it.
  7. And this comes as a surprise? You have a city managed by a guy that wants to run every aspect of your life, so what makes you think he isn't going to want and stop you for no reason just to see what you're up too? You lefties, just can't see the writing on the wall, can you?
  8. I despise Bloomberg more then Romney and many other Dems feel the same

    Many republicans want to run many aspects of your life too
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    Nationwide 11% of police shootings involve innocent bystanders getting shot - by police.

    When private citizens fire in self defense there are bystanders hit only 2% of the time.

    And the leftist anti gun pussies only want police armed?
  10. Ray Kelly meets with the AA community often. He asks for suggestions other than stop and frisk. They have none. No one has any suggestions.

    If you owned an apartment building (all the tenants are black), how would you discourage strangers (all black) from hanging out on your porch. The loiters don't live there, don't know any renters.

    What do you do?

    Suppose stop and frisk is determined to be legal. Should it be continued? Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, Detroit, and I think Cleveland all have high crime rates and no stop and frisk policies but everyone retains their diginity. Jamal is dead gangbanger but was never degraded by those dang coppers. Do you value the life of a black man?
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