Police State Road Blocks...get ready for more of this...........

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  1. at least she got $60,000. im surprised she didnt sue wendy's for millions.
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  2. You are a lunatic, anyone who cant see the difference between what i showed and what Rearden showed is retarded.

    So what exactly is your argument here that we should take to the streets provoking cops to see if we can get a reaction??

    I have an idea how bout you start it off for us, paint your face black and pick a fight with some cops in the middle of the street then when they tell you to take your hands out of your pockets leave them there, when they shoot you, you will prove the cops are racist, as well as letting natural selection run its course since you are clearly a lunatic.
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  3. Rearden you would not receive any argument from me over that video, she was right, and she verbally expressed her side, she did not go out of her way to provoke him at all, the real shitty thing is that that useless piece of shit didnt even lose his job according to the video.

    My point was you can not go out and hit a cop and then claim you are a victim, especially when they did not hit first, and that there are to many people in society today provoking cops and wasting tax payers money by taking the issue to court.
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  4. You support gang culture and I don't. Lets leave it at that.
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  5. wow you reallyare psychotic so now the cops are gangs??:D

    So what is the master plan now to dispose of the cops altogether??

    Tell me something what are your political views??
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  6. The perception of willing slaves, is that all free thinking people are psychotic.
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  7. AND.............

    The perception of people who make money is that hippies are pieces of shit. Whose the slave now, you the one who is a pinko who wants more taxes or me who makes more money and can do whatever i want?
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  8. No disagreement here.
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  9. nice to see that rational people can see the difference between the 2
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  10. and you know the funny thing is you are to stupid to realize that the first thing that i said when i started in on this topic is that I HATE PIGS.
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