Police State Road Blocks...get ready for more of this...........

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  1. Wow, after reading that transcript all I could think of was how lucky the kid was for not being black. If he was black he'd be dead in the ditch.

    As for the officers, I can smell a Bush voter from a mile away. These bastards need to be locked up for life for being a clear and present threat to the general public. if that means locking up the whole southern inbreed pool of Bush voters, so be it.

  2. definitely appeared the kid was "well prepared" ....wink wink
  3. achilles28


    Indeed. Piece of art.

    Citizens should start arming themselves with embedded Car cameras en masse.

    Then start educating people on their rights at check points.

    Police aren't going to hold themselves accountable.

    If the Government is going to shine a light into every private aspect of our lives without a warrant, we should shine it right back on them.

    And rack them over the coals in the courts when they cross the line.
  4. rearden will like this one:

    <embed style="width:500px; height:407px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=8520847761350501823&hl=en" flashvars=""> </embed>
  5. Yes, and that was a VERY GOOD thing!!! :cool:

    Wonder what the cops would have done if they saw him wearing this T-shirt.............


  6. That guy was cool as a cucumber... nice work dude. I hope those officers get suspended without pay for a week and a mark on their record that will count against promotion, for blatant abuse of authority.
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