Police shoot a guys dog for filming them

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  1. At first the cops didn't shoot the dog.I don't expect the average cop or civilian to be experts at dog behavior or take a chance getting bitten by a rottweiler who jumps at them .
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  2. I agree that was total bull shit
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    Yes, it's plainly obvious that dog was more playful than anything else. When his "daddy" was being taken away by what the dog (and me!) saw as pirates in blue, he at least nipped at their legs. I'd do the same... With a Glock!
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  4. I think the dog only know he want to be with his owner. The dog is jump out the window to follow his owner.
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  5. Kudos to the cop in that situation and I'm glad it turned out well but that dog ran away and was free to bite someone else possibly a child.
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    And that trooper should have been fired for being a pussy! Where do these guys come from?:confused:
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  7. In my prior post I was mixing up two stories. It was a mom, dad, and son stopped because their vehicle was suspected of a robbery because someone called the cops saying they had money flying out of the car (the guy left his wallet on the roof and it was cash blowing out). The trooper took all 3 out and handcuffed them on the side of the road. The son told the officer he had a young pitbull in the car and that he would jump out if he opened the door. The officer opened the door and the dog jumped out of course and played on the shoulder for a second then they called and it circled back around towards them and the mom said to the officer that its a friendly dog and won't hurt him. The dog can be seen wagging its tail wanting to play in the video. The cop draws his shotgun and shoots it in the head as soon as it approaches him (tail still wagging) the family yelling no no he isn't going to hurt you the whole time.

    I believe the guy was fired and the family got paid a small sum of money for the incident as well.
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  8. In that situation the cop was dead ass wrong and deserved to be fired and convicted of animal cruelty.When told there was a pitt in the car he should have called animal control if they had a legit reason for opening the car door in the first place .
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  10. The cop who shot this dog was no dog whisperer obviously.

    The thing that a lot of people can't seem to understand is that by packing these large ferocious canines on their hip like a revolver, some incidents are going to occur- especially when these dogs aggressively go after people who are trained to defend themselves with large caliber firing weapons.
    If that had been a chihuahua growling and biting- it would have gotten a chuckle and no guns would have ever been drawn in this instance either.

    If you decide to own a potentially dangerous animal, you will always run the risk that it may be killed in self defense.

    When I was eleven, my uncle-in-law thought it would be funny to turn his pitbull, Rocky out the door while pointing at me and yelling "Sick him Rocky!"

    I froze in terror while the beast growled and made psych lunges at me.

    I started to cry, I think, when my uncle, Larry stopped laughing and decided to try to call his dog off.
    By this time Rocky was extremely agitated by the entire ordeal, and kept acting like he was going to try to bite.
    When Larry tried to grab his collar, Rocky spun out and came around my backside. I was half way turned around, trying to keep him at my front where I could defend my self with my hands.

    That's when he lunged and took hold of my left arm.

    I had never felt any thing so strong and painful as that dog, twisting and jerking at my forearm like it was trying with all its might to remove it from my body.

    I guess my instincts just took over and I pulled him in towards me, wrapping his head under my right arm. I could tell by the way I was squeezing its throat and hoisting his body into the air, I knew I was cutting off it's wind and circulation.

    He had let go of my arm in an attempt to free itself, but my fear of letting him go only drove my adrenaline up.

    We were locked about six feet or so from my uncles porch, but I had the advantage now as my feet were firmly planted on the ground, and he was scrambling for footing against my body. I lifted him as high as I could and swung him at the same time towards the edge of my uncle's concrete porch steps. I drove him like a football player drives the coaches bag straight for the side of the steps. We both came down hard but I was able to get his body between myself and the concrete edge, pushing up on his head while my body had his pinned against the bricks. I heard and felt the snap when its spine broke below the neck.

    I had never cried so hard after seeing the way Rocky screeched and writhed on the sidewalk. He looked like a snake after being run over by a car tire.

    Larry took the dog off in a hurry to the vet, but it was too late for him and they put the dog down gently I was later told.
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