Police Sell Guns Collected From BuyBack Program

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. pspr


    Does this make any sense? The police buy the guns to get them off the street then they sell them to gun dealers who put them back on the streets. Duh!!!!!

    ST. CHARLES, Ill., May 31 (UPI) -- A police department in the Chicago suburbs said some of the guns obtained from a buyback program will be sold to a pair of licensed dealers.

    St. Charles Police Chief James Lamkin said about 20 firearms obtained through a gun buyback program and seized by courts will be sold to the dealers, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

    "There's value in these guns," Lamkin said. "They're not illegal guns. Quite honestly, it's a bottom line for us."

    Most other area departments, including the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois State Police, destroy the guns obtained through buybacks.

    "There are individuals who will say, why not simply destroy them?" St. Charles Mayor Raymond Rogina said. "But when that happens, there will be someone saying that's taxpayer dollars [at stake] and you're throwing it away."

  2. LEAPup


    What do you expect out of ILLinois? What a COMPLETE disaster that "State" is. Maybe Canada will buy ILL-inois, as the REAL America sure as hell doesn't want that piece of shit hanging around anymore!
  3. pspr


    It's just that the police are doing exactly what they are trying to prevent. Guns getting on the street.

    I guess the only way this makes sense is if they get Fed money to buy the guns then they sell them to dealers and get more Fed money to buy them again. A nice little scam on us taxpayers if that's what they do. :D
  4. LEAPup


    This is what a broke city does due to political correctness (a mental disorder), to survive. What a SCAM pc really is!
  5. Lucrum


    It's well documented that gun buy back programs do not work. They do however give the anti gun pussies a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
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