Police fired 50 rounds and killed man after bachelor party

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  1. Well, the pig <b>narcs</b> were sent there for the specific purpose of enforcing drug prohibition and other unjust 'victimless crime' laws- so they were <i>already</i> there on a mission to oppress the public.

    So, instead of arresting innocent political prisoners and seizing their property like they were supposed to, the filthy narcs decided to take it just a <i>bit</i> farther and shoot their victims instead. Not much of a stretch if you ask me.
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  2. I believe the police thought one of the victims was armed. That of course is no problem in most cities and states. 2nd amendment and all that.

    The police don't make laws, they enforce them. Selective enforcement and selective prosecution are the enemy of true liberty. If a law's good enough to be enacted it should be enforced from the street to to the court. Like it or not.

    You're sitting on a few shekels, eh? why don't you help organize and fund an anti drug prohibition referendum in Illinois?
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  3. Hopefully one day I'll have the kind of dough it would take to do it all properly. I have some very interesting anti-prohibition tv ad ideas already.
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  4. you are exactly right... now, go figure out why this is so.
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  5. With your immense creativity I'm sure the ads would be splendid......
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  6. Sooooo, any wagers on the outcome of the alleged "investigation"?

    Step 1-Guy has altercation;

    Step 2-Guy sees weird suit trailing him,

    Step 3-Guy suspects he was being set up for a hit (or similiar) and responds preemptively with vehicular force;

    Step4 -see step3.

    Or , what are the odds he floored it after he either heard a shot/saw a gun etc?
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  7. Cutten


    When has creativity been the criterion for political advertising? Goebbels had it nailed. The purpose of propaganda is not to convice the intelligent, informed voter. It is to reinforce a certain idea so it becomes present in the mind of the average uninformed voter, enough times that it eventually comes to seem like a respectable option. You do this not by creativity, but by frequency, repetition, and simplicity.

    Clinton = corruption, Lewinsky, Whitewater, Hilary.

    Bush = Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, ignoramus, laughing stock internationally

    Kerry = loves the French, SWIFT boat veterans for truth, blue blood snob, mega-millioniare wife

    See how this stuff works?
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  8. Well your not wrong Cutten, id love to see $RM$s ideas on it, because you just know the first response to them (the ads, regardless of how its done) will be

    "Man advocates hard drug use,!! wants people to experiment, get hooked on illegal substances,!!! what about the children?"

    Rule #1 Facts dont matter.
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