Police fired 50 rounds and killed man after bachelor party

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    You know, it's a real shame that the NY black community continues to support Sharpton as their spokesman in these kind of situations. Sharpton has revealed himself to be a blantant racist in the past, and his involvement in the Tawana Brawley scandal showed him up for the liar and fake he truly is. By putting up Sharpton the Charlatan as their representative, they immediately weaken their credibility. When will they wake up and dump this hump?

  2. When a vast majority of a community shares the same beliefs as this piece of garbage, a "dump" is highly unlikely.
  3. Agreed 100%. Sharpton & Jackson have made their careers on fanning the flames of racial tension, widening the rift in America between black and white.
  4. I heartily disagree! There are many of us who wonder why when there is a situation, that the press (and others) runs to these two as some sort of pulse of the community.

    I tell you that there is a widening discord with the community and both of these gentlemen. We have long ago stopped giving BOTH of them much face time and credibility. If you wish to know what an African American thinks, ask them. Why is it that there needs to be a racial spokesman for us? I don't see the press running out to find the leader of the Muslim, Asian, Mexican, or any other group as the default connection to feelings and opinions. We are not a monolith as you are lead to believe.

    They can no more SPEAK for the whole (and in many cases a majority) of the African American community than you can for yours. You can articulate my feelings and concerns just as they can. They really don't have any special insight. :)
  5. If they'd pull the cameras back you'd see just how small that crowd really is. Don't look at the 200 or so supporters and or folks who are there to get face time, look at the community as a whole. I have relatives in NY who'd quickly have you busting a seam with laughter when they describe their disgust with Sharpton. :)
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    I agree with canyonman00. We aren't monolithic. I have my own individual opinion as well as you do. Firing 50 rounds at an unarmed car??? Who were they trying to take out Godzilla?
  7. Excellent commentary. I wonder why the media chooses to portray it this way. I guess the ratings for an all out race war would be substantial in their eyes.

    I think another angle to the story is the discussion of the number of shots fired. Obviously when the police are firing, it is a shoot to kill scenario. If they only fired four shots and killed everyone in the car, would this have been a more acceptable outcome? Regardless of anyone's position, what does the number of bullets matter? Excessive force? Wouldn't the same people call it excessive force even with four shots fired? The media seems to do little things like this in order to fan the flames of racial tension. It will probably be hard to make this completely about race considering two of the officers were black themselves. However, the media can play the excessive force card on this one, and they have to start it quickly in case the legal outcome is not to their liking.
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  9. 50 shots?? The guy got off easy.

    What do you think the wifey would have done to him when she went over to kiss him good morning and smelled her cousin's pussy juice on his breath?
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