Police find $206 mln drug cash in Mexican house

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  1. That's a decent loss. Why would they have all this money in one place to begin with? I usually spread my drug profits out a little better than that.
  2. Well what was the previous bust, 19 tons of drugs? Wouldnt surprise me they were a bit disorganised, but thats amatuerish.

    I wonder how much was really there........before they finished counting........:eek:
  3. its more a case of.....lets give these bumbass cops something to celebrate and congradulate themselves on for a while....lets let them find a couple tons whilst we smuggle 1000's upon 1000's of tons past them.

    trust me....19 tons is nothing to these cartels
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    I can say with the uptmost of confidence that they did spread their drug profits over many homes. Max Mermillstein used to take $300 million in small planes back to colombia or panama frequently....go rent cocaine cowboys to get a little jist of how much money is really being made or was made back then...cuz the film is a documentary of back in the day..and believe you me it was just like they say it was...I saw Cubans with not one word of english in their vocabulary driving testarrozas and with 100's of thousands around their neck..
  5. but 200mil is regardless.somebody messed up
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    somebody's family member is already dead over this matter; even if it wasnt their fault.
  7. Every business venture has its risks brosef.

    I bet there's gonna be quite a few mexican cops retiring early in the next few months.
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    :D the mxican pesos look light in that picture,,,,:D
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