Police crackdown on OneCoin

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  1. OneCoin, the MLM cryptocurrency ponzi scheme, denied the charges of money laundering, organized criminal activities and fraud, under which the Bulgarian specialized prosecution and police conducted searches, questionings and confiscations last week.

    The operation was carried out in cooperation and upon the request of the prosecutor’s office in the German town of Bielefeld, which last spring launched a criminal investigation into the activities of OneCoin in Germany. According to the official statement of Bulgaria’s Specialized Prosecution, the police and agents of the State Agency for National Security have conducted searches in the Sofia offices of One Network Services and 14 other companies, have confiscated servers and other equipment and have questioned over 50 witnesses. However, no arrests have been made.

    The Bulgarian prosecution also said that there are numerous investigations against OneCoin in countries like UK, Ireland, Italy, USA, Canada, Ukraine and many others.

    I've been hearing about investigations against this Ponzi scheme in various countries for years and it's amazing how no one can still shut them down permanently.
  2. The companies behind the OneCoin MLM ponzi scheme have been transferred to Kristian Manolov from one of the less affluent suburbs of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, according to local media.
    The 28-year-old man has not been seen by his neighbors for a while, but they describe him as “a poor boy”. He is not answering his phone either. The practice of transferring troubled companies to poor and homeless people in exchange for a little money is, apparently, fairly common in Bulgaria.
    Meanwhile, the former right hand man of Ruzha Ignatova, the previous owner of OneCoin – Igor Alberts – and his wife Andrea Cimbala have launched an MLM Ponzi scheme of their own – the DagCoin. According to various media reports, Alberts, who is purportedly still earning $2.4 million a month through the OneCoin as of December 31st, 2017, has slammed OneCoin as fraud. Now he sells DagCoin, which is essentially the same as OneCoin – a scam.