Police Brutality In Philadephia In Beating Of Suspects

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  1. http://www.npr.org/blogs/newsandviews/2008/05/video_shows_philly_police_kick_1.html

    Video Shows Philly Police Kicking Suspects

    Two days after the fatal shooting of a Philadelphia policeman, (the third city officer slain on duty in two years), video captured by a news helicopter has the citizens of Philadelphia in an uproar.

    AOL Black Voices has more:

    Fifteen police officers were taken off the street as authorities investigate a video showing three suspects being kicked, punched and beaten after they were pulled out of a car during a traffic stop.

    "At a glance it does appear to be a bit beyond the pale," Doug Oliver, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter, said Wednesday. "Officers are not allowed to operate outside of the law."
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    Police are out of control. And so is Government.

    Citizens need to video tape their interactions with Cops then sue and get convictions when these goons step outta line.

    The role of Government and Police has devolved into a predatory relationship against citizens.

    We're now chattel to be bullied, spied on, beat up and incarcerated by the High Priests of Law Enforcement in this Holy War on Terror.
  3. Were the police scientologists?

  4. Arnie


    I think if you lead police on a chase, you should get your ass kicked, just on principle. :D
  5. achilles28 sounds like some dude that got his azz whooped by the long arm and is in denial.
  6. Mayor Micheal Nutter? No way.
  7. achilles28


    No, I'm just some guy that cares about the rights of ordinary citizens from getting vicious beatdowns by untouchable Law Enforcement Thugs.

  8. Wait, by definition, to "lead" anyone on a chase, you are merely leading "the" chase, not the subject.

    After all, a fox doesnt "lead" a hound hunt, that's the huntmasters job. So on principle, i would mostly agree.
  9. achilles28


    Nice form :cool:

  10. Not at all, after all, if a suspect cant be beaten, physically intimidated, tortured or threatened into a confession for something they may not have done, well, the whole system would fall apart, the paperwork of these wonderfull folk would pile up to the extent that....well, its possible they couldnt do their job, if they followed everything they were supposed to do, to the letter.

    Whatever that is.....
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