Polar Ice Loss Accelerating, Study Finds

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  1. Ice loss in Antarctica and Greenland has contributed nearly half an inch to the rise in sea levels in the past 20 years, according to an assessment of polar ice sheet melting that researchers are calling the most reliable yet.
    What's more, ice loss is rapidly speeding up in the north, while the rate in Antarctica has been fairly constant, the researchers report Friday (Nov. 29) in the journal Science..

    "Greenland is really taking off," said National Snow and Ice Data Center scientist Ted Scambos, a co-author of the paper released Thursday by the journal Science.
    Study lead author Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds in England, said their results provide a message for negotiators in Doha, Qatar, who are working on an international agreement to fight global warming: "It's very clear now that Greenland is a problem."

    Scientists blame man-made global warming for the melting. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that trap heat, warming the atmosphere and oceans. Bit-by-bit, that erodes the ice sheets from above and below. Snowfall replenishes the ice sheets, but hasn't kept pace with the rate of melting.
  2. After reading the article associated with these claims, I have come to two conclusions:

    1) These 'scientists" are very bad at math. Their numbers simply do not add up.

    2) Based on their previous publications, these scientists have a political agenda and their personal financial success is funded by organizations that promote climate change.
  3. My suggestion is sue mother nature for releasing too much carbon dioxide.

  4. Isotope analysis shows the extra CO2 is from man's burning of fossil fuels. Idiot.
  5. So where's all the non-extra co2 coming from?
  6. Now you're just messing with me.
  7. You said EXTRA so that means there is nominal or not counted co2.

    how much are we talking about that man produces vs mother nature?

    How come you must all of a sudden clam up?

    I went from idiot to you not being willing to answer the inconvenient question in how many posts 2?
  8. Well I'm not sure what you're asking.

    There is a natural backround level of CO2 that has stayed fairly steady for thousands of years. Then something called the industrial revolution happened. This is obvious on this chart. In addition we know how much fuel we burn therefore we know how much CO2 goes into the air. This CO2 has a different isotope ratio than natural biosphere carbon so we can measure it the air. These three things make it easy to say the new CO2 seen over the last two hundred years has come from man.

  9. You blame the industrial revolution?
    Is that what you went to college for, seriously ?
    I told you before I'm not going back to the flintstones for you stupid fvckers.
  10. I hate to tell you this, but the Flintstones aren't real. They didn't take showers with the help of an elephant or mine rock with Brontosauruses.
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