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  1. Imagine


    www.nbp.pl goes back to 1993

    click on statistics and than the exchange rate tab
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  2. thanks Imagine! i'll construct a chart from the xls table.

    more links appreciated!
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  3. Imagine


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  4. thanks Imagine.

    http://quote.fxtrek.com/misc/fxcm.asp goes back to 1996 (daily data). any chart going further back (even in JPG form) is appreciated.. or charitable data.. thanks again!

    ps you can get quite a few exotic currencies on that link i mentioned, under File->Symbol->More. just type in your pair.
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  5. Imagine


    i got a better idea

    tell me exactly how you want the chart and for which curriencies and I will contact my bank and request it from them
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  6. thanks, i just need a visual image of the zloti as far back as possible. but honestly i don't want you to go through any hassle about it. if no one comes up with data on the web i'll settle for what i have so far, it's not mission critical for me.. so please no need to go as far as contacting your back with it. thanks a lot again!
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  7. DT-waw


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  8. Julius


    Any wannabe Polish traders in western upper silesia without money but willing to be trained, send me a pm.
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  9. Imagine


    in todays GW - i forgot the name but it is going for 16k m2

    wish i was a polish trader - currently a polish wannabe trader

    Does anyone want to hookup one day for a beer ?

    or better yet

    I buy any experienced trader a sushi lunch but the cost to you is me asking really dumb questions
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  10. Imagine i'll be glad to hook up, i'm supposed to arrive in poland real soon and try to stay there. i should be staying in krakow but don't mind visiting warsaw (i'll go to Torun too once i'm in the area.. one of my favorites). i'll PM you once i'm around....
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