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    I don't rent - live outside the city in a house but i do follow the real estate market very closely here.

    not sure how warsaw compares to NYC - but it probably is way cheaper but NYC is not a typical large city when it comes to rent

    my point is that if someone thinks they will get a very nice apartment, fully furnished for a couple of hundred bucks - they are wrong.

    yes you can rent for a couple of hundred but you will be in a shitty building with furniture that you don't want to look at or touch. You can also find a huge house with a pool for a 1,000 bucks - but again you probably won't want to rent it due to the distance to the city and the quality of the house.

    A clean, 60 m2 apartment, in a decent kamienica will run you about 550 - 700 usd. When i first came out here - i was paying 700 usd for a decent 35 m2 apartment. The prices have dropped as the expat community went away.

    The xchange rate sucks so most landlords just changed dollars to euros. You can still find a decent apartment for 400 usd but most likely in ursynow or in a large apartment complex - which won't give you the feel of eastern europe.

    in terms of szucha - i have been in a few of those apartments ( melody house is the first to come into mind ) but those apartments are super expensive, with low ceilings, claustrphobic and totally over priced.

    For me it is stary mokotow or nothing.
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  2. i agree 100%, if u want luxury you pay for it. but i think its fair to say that comparable place in warsaw and nyc is going to be a quarter or less even the high end luxury, and as traders we earn the same living in the us or europe. i was looking to buy a place in that brand new apartment building right next to the grand theater, but the markup they want is just unbelievable.
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    you talking about dom development?

    if so, I am on the vip list lol

    the waiting vip list i should add
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  4. no, this one

    whats the name of your project, is it opera house? how much r u paying per/m2
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    in my opinion not even close

    that place will look like a dump in three years - again jmo

    their are many "nice" developments" that have been built, but almost all are losing their luster for many reasons: but the two biggest imo are: size and quality

    not sure what you are planning on doing with yours but I would imagine you will want to rent it out. you got a great location and it is upper scale. The rent price won't make your ROI look great, especially if you will be roped in on the 40% tax, but even at 7k per m2 - the appreciation will be their in three years

    think about flipping it - that is what we are planning to do with morskie oko - a quick 25 grand usd guaranteed - if we can get filled lol
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  9. yeah, renting for now, i really dont care about roi in the next 5 years, i'm sure if i buy the top end in the right location i can sell it for a nice profit in 10 years. thats why i was looking at this apartment right next to the theater.
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