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  1. How hard would it be for an English speaking Canadian to go to Poland for the Winter to play division 2 or 3 hockey and trade an IB account through a high speed internet connection? With the cost of living there I could probably have a lot of fun.
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    not too hard, many people speak english over there.
    however don't be fooled by the cost of living, the rent is cheaper, but let's say a flat panel LCD will cost you more than here. There are other east european coutries that are way cheaper than Poland (Slovakia etc).
    also, I thought Canadians need a visa to go to Poland?
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  3. would you be playing hockey for fun or $? division 2 or 3 hockey teams would pay you close to zero, you definitely couldnt live a comfortable life on that salary.

    electronics is more expensive, but rent and certainly going out doesnt cost as much. if you live in a larger city you can also fly all those discount airlines and see the entire europe on weekends.
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  4. slovakia doesnt even come close to the quality of life in poland.
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  5. Right now I play competive hockey for $20 a game gas money(WOAA Senior Hockey). I would expect to support myself by trading. I think playing hockey would be a great way to meet people while I was there.
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  6. Legia Warsaw which is one of the best known and respected sports clubs in Poland has just opened a hockey section. i think they will be starting out in the second division.

    here is the link, unfortunately in POlish only..


    basically what it says is that they are looking for players.

    here is a list of few players interested in playing in Poland, if you click on the names their info comes up. if you can somehow get in touch with them i'm sure they will be able to tell you much more than i can

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    zf - pm me an email addy and i will forward it on to a guy who plays ice hockey a couple times a week in Warsaw - maybe he knows someone who knows someone who can help you

    hope you considered what would happen if you get hurt ?

    no idea where people are coming from that rent is cheap - not in Warsaw - it all depends what type of standard you want and where you want to live

    COLA estimates are nice but as all reports - they never give you the full story

    quality has to always be taken into account - ask the guy who left the cinn bar lol
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  8. better way to meet the right people to show you fun over there would be to join this league, 25 identical cars, 3 countries and 6 tracks for 26,000 euros and you get to keep the car.

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  9. imagine how much is your rent?
    unless you live on szucha or krakowskie przedmiescie, it has to be less than 25% of NYC.
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  10. I have been to Poland three times (first time in 1994, most recently a few months ago) and I absolutely loved it... Krakow in particular rocked...

    The women were hot and the eateries and bars were cheap...

    The weather was cold, but that's a small price to pay for a country full of hot and sexy women, great food and great drink...
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