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  1. karol88


    Krakow is beautiful...and you're more likely to get fat here in the US than in Poland...
    all Polish girls are thin...without doing any major diets... so don't worry, just eat the "real food" :)
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  2. are you a trader?
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  3. Was out in Warsaw the other month - frequented a bar called Cinnamon - absolutely awesome, full of amazing, trendy girls and great music! The place was still kicking and letting people in at 7am when we were staggering out.
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  4. is it in the metropolitan building?

    sure gets good reviews..

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  5. Imagine


    it is a nice fun place

    but I would hate to be the one picking up the tab at 7am

    yes it is is the metro building
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  7. ahh the single life, how i miss it.

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  8. karol88


    I day-trade from home
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  9. karol88


    in Poland, most of the bars don't close as long as there are still people in there drinking. there's no law on closing hours.
    When I was younger, I remember driving to school at 8am , and seeing some people leaving the bars and driving straight to work.

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  10. check out this zajebiscie website for all of you that move about:


    you can meet a lot of fellow travelers based on origin and current location, e.g. "polish currently in canada".

    ps if they ask you for your email password so to import your contact, just choose "skip this step" if you don't like the idea.. don't worry about it the site is legit
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