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    Warsaw here:)
    Hello guys.I'm trading FX spot and currency futures.

    best regards
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  2. its not tpsa, i think they offer 6, but one of the other major players i dont remember the name.
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  4. Thanks for that info guys.
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    and for what its worth - neostrada is improving and i use this at home - but not with the bandwith which you are talking about

    used mainly for businesses - they have a price sheet on the website - the company i work for uses them and they are reliable

    in terms of the "new" bars in Warsaw - kind of clueless on that one - two little girls makes the bar scene a distant past lol

    but from what i gather a bar called Piekarnia is still the place to be

    so are any traders in Poland going to "hookup" ????
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  6. czesc you guys, i am not polish but i may be moving to stay in krakow around october, and trade from there. so i'll contact you guys at that time, i'll surely need some recommendations regarding internet connection, where to buy 19" CRT's, and so on. also if there's anyone in krakow.. that would be great. or anything you wish to advise me of at any time - please write it here or PM.

    PS i hope i won't get fat there because i'm going to eat a lot of drozdzowka every day.. my favorite food in the world ;)

    pa pa :cool:
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    50 cent,

    there are plenty of other foods in Poland that will make you fat besides danishes and donuts :) Thank God the girls somehow manage to stay thin. Enjoy your stay in Krakow.

    -Cheers, Neo
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  8. go to Torun for a weekend. it's really great. there's an all-you-can-ride-weekend train ticket for 50zl. ask at train stations.

    it's in the genes i guess. i traveled eastern europe extensively for more than 1 year in total, and i believe i saw maybe 1 fat girl in all that time.

    anyway, if all goes well, it will be drozdzowka and kremowka for me..
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  9. I love Polish girls...
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    I'm a Polish girl :), living in the US, but thinking about moving back to Poland sometime next year.
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