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  1. anyone trading in poland?
  2. I'm Polish, but I do trade from Toronto
  3. Bartos


    also Polish, born and raised, came here in 1990 and now trading in NYC.

    Are you looking to open an office in Poland? Know traders in Poland? Would be interesting to see what's hoppin in motherland =)
  4. Neodude


    Could be a good opportunity, aren't they implementing a flat 15% tax soon?

  5. They


  6. Imagine


    looks like i will be at the bar, drinking alone?

    Warsaw here
  7. Bartos


    what you guys trading? NAS and NYSE?
  8. mostly futures at CME and CBOT, little options (just got a good news about IDBE), equities only from time to time
  9. i know a few guys there, all trading FX and futures.
  10. Copernicus, I was just going to write you a PM to ask what the name of the provider was where you were getting 12mb connection. Can you give us the name?

    Imagine, what are some cool bars in Warsaw? Last time I was in Warsaw we partied at a place called Paparazzi. Seemed trendy but cool. That's the only place I remember.

    I'm currently in the US but always think about moving back to Warsaw or Krakow.
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