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  1. I thought I might create this to poke fun at Jim Cramer. A lot of guys have posted about him over many different threads. Maybe someone can add to the list.

    On August 1st, Jim Cramer had stated the following about UARM on his Mad Money Show.

    "Cramer placed the stock in the danger zone and said he would not hang on to it on its way down. It's time to take some off the table and cash in on Under Armour's strength, he said."

    "If you don't sell, you might get burned"

    According to Yahoo historical prices, on that day the stock closed at $39.00. It currently trades at 46 dollars and as high as $47.15 since the Mad Money show.

    If you had sold your shares on Cramers advice then you would have missed out on about 20% of appreciation since the show.
  2. Let me add another one.

    On July 25th, 2006, he had this to say about WWY on his Mad Money show:

    The flip side is to try to help you not lose money," Cramer told viewers. "I want you to be on the lookout for crappy stocks that the market thinks are growth stocks," but in reality, aren't.

    "I think Wrigley is one of those stab-you-in-the heart plays," he said, noting that profits were down when the company reported today.

    "The Street looks at food and beverage stocks as secular plays," but Cramer expected analysts to upgrade the stock Wednesday morning, which could provide viewers with a suitable selling opportunity.

    Wrigley isn't in the position of Coke and Pepsi, which together command what he called a "cola duopoly." "It's a poorly managed company facing some severe competition," he warned.

    Cramer recognized that the company had poor management and was getting squeezed by Cadbury Schweppes' (CSG - news - Cramer's Take) in the gum market.

    He said that although people would still buy gum in an economic slowdown, there was no guarantee it would be Wrigley's gum when it could be Trident, Cadbury's brand. "The big problem is thin margins because Cadbury is on a mission to take market share away from Wrigley," he said. "These are totally interchangeable products."

    Cramer also believed that management had shown its inability to execute distribution and sales of its hard-candy line, Altoids.

    The market was pricing Wrigley stock at a multiple of 22 times earnings, which was six percentage points higher than the market multiple. "You are talking about a company that is more expensive than almost all the other companies out there," he said.

    He urged viewers to avoid Wrigley stock and anything that looks similar, such as shares in ConAgra Food (CAG - news - Cramer's Take) and Sara Lee (SL - news - Cramer's Take)."

    On that day the stock closed at 45.22. Today it trades at $52.18 at the current quote. An investor listening to Jim would have lost out on 15% in appreciation in about 5 months time.
  3. Take a look at Jim's predictions for 2006. I 'll give you a hint, the title of the article is....

    General Motors Goes Bankrupt


    GM is the #1 gainer in the Dow this year!! :eek: As a side note, Cramer finally turned positive on GM last month when it was at $34 (he said it was "going to 40").

    GM currently trades at $29.28.
    :D :D :D

    Cramer is a f*cking menace to the average Joe's financial health.
  4. On October 6th, 2006, Jim Cramer had the following words to say about SNMX:

    Although Senomyx (SNMX - news - Cramer's Take) has "massive losses and barely any revenues," Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show on Friday to look into buying this stock in a week or two.

    "For most investors, speculation is a dirty word. But for me, it's the way to play the game," Cramer said.

    Although Senomyx has almost no revenue whatsoever, he believes it's a great idea to buy this stock. Cramer advised people to put it into their "Mad Money" speculative portfolio. However, he reminded viewers that speculative stocks should take up no more than 20% of their portfolios.

    Don't buy Senomyx -- a relatively unknown and small biotech company -- just yet, Cramer said. "Wait a week or two to buy it, and don't buy it after hours." Use small limit orders to buy it over time, he said.

    Senomyx is the company for the current era, where people eat too many sweet and salty foods, but don't want to become obese or overweight, Cramer said.

    This biotech company solves this problem by adding a chemical to foods and tricking people's taste buds. The amount of this chemical added is so small that Senomyx doesn't need to get FDA approval, Cramer said.

    Senomyx has deals with Coca-Cola (KO - news - Cramer's Take), Kraft Foods (KFT - news - Cramer's Take), Cadbury Schweppes and Campbell Soup (CPB - news - Cramer's Take).

    Also, "despite its losses, it has a strong balance sheet with $78 million in cash to keep it afloat," Cramer said.

    Usually government works of, by and for the corporation, but when it comes to the food companies, it's not so, he said. It is possible that Senomyx can finally be the way for the government to get off of food companies' backs.

    Even though Senomyx can only take up to 4% of royalties on its products, this should increase over time, Cramer added."

    So if we took Cramers advice and bought in 1-2 weeks using limit orders and buying a little each time, then we would have bought at the following levels:

    (closing prices for the following days as listed under Yahoo historical prices)

    Cramer did say to wait one to two weeks after the show to buy.

    10/16- 18.23
    10/ 17- 18.26
    10/18- 18.60
    10/19- 18.23

    As of right now, SNMX trades at $13.29 for a roughly 30% loss.
  5. Eagle - Leonard the Monkey and Cramer in their ongoing battle:


    Ongoing Stats:
    Jim Cramer is right 49.74% of the time.
    Jim Cramer's picks average a 0.22% ROI after 30 days.

    Leonard the Wonder Monkey is right 49.46% of the time.
    Leonard's picks average a 0.25% ROI after 30 days.
  6. I actually think it's good to have him on TV. He brings a lot of dumb money into the market.
    So many people love him. Then they send in some dumb ass orders and we can benefit from it.

    Happy Holidays, Jimbo! :)
  7. On about August 1, Cramer declared there were at least 11 more weeks of downside left and he was taking shots at Bernanke for causing the correction. He figured it was going to extend thru October. His tone was downbeat.

    The guy is the best reflection of public sentiment around. He is such a manic personality that he will overreact to every move and is a stubborn and reluctant bull during every mini correction or mega correction. Then at the bottom he finally recognizes "the trend" in hindsight and sells out his viewers with mass capitulation.
  8. see....now if you actually paid attention to what cramer was saying you might learn something.....but once again you cramer bashers get it wrong.......on aug 1st the stock was at $39......and one month later it was around $32.50.......

    cramer never tells you to buy and hold...he tells you how to make trades....so selling at $39 was the smartest thing you could have done.

    yes cramer makes mistakes....you show me one hedgefund manager that doesnt....show me that YOU dont.....but guess what...this one he got right....probably just like 75% of the other dumbass posts you people post about him

    please do some research before posting this crap

  9. wow...this prediction was only made months ago.....imagine that...something happened within the 5 month period that cramer didnt see coming....holy shit...how coudl that happen....

    how about i put it to you this way....on aug 25th the stock was $45 bucks...you buy it........around sept 20th (two months later)....the stock is the same price......

    again......WHOA...another huge blunder by cramer.....
  10. i actually was watching this show when he said this....and my thoughts at the time were....you have got to be kidding me.....nobody in their right mind would recomend GM....

    so yes...he does make mistakes...and some huge ones sometimes....

    but then again...who saw kerkorkian selling off his entire position in a couple weeks time.......
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