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  1. My journal will be short on words and big on content.

    Charts and Trades posted BEFORE then AFTER BS.

    Let's get right down to business.

    Sunday Report


    Weakness building
    Looking for shorts all weak long
    Ideally I would like to see 1 of 2 things happen before engaging this market.

    1. The 1 hr chart is currently Over Sold as is the 4hr so a pull back into some resistance zone will be a nice place to take the trade.

    2. A break out below 1.0215 where I will have a stop entry waiting.

    I want to be super aggressive on this trade though because it looks very strong to go now.
  2. USDCAD /chart
  3. Very late Sunday Review:

    All current trends are intact.

    AUDUSD Longs
    EURUSD Mixed
    USDCAD Shorts
    USDJPY Shorts
    USDCHF Shorts

    That being said all are very overextended and prone to snap backs and reversals.

    There was significant Sentiment evidence of this in Fridays numbers.

    So the trading plan for this week is simple.

    Watch for pullbacks to area's of significant s/r and continue in trend direction.


    Be on high alert for trend reversals as well.

    My guess is we stay pretty quit all week till Fridays jobs numbers.

    Sorry that there are no trades so far but patience pays.
  4. Sunday FX Review:


    Uptrend remains INTACT
    Buy Pullbacks into Strong areas of Support
    High probability of a sideways market all week as some consolidation may occur at these technically over bought conditions


    Same as above


    Same as but with a strong bias to the upside.


    Downtrend remains intack
    Sell Pullbacks into strong Resistance areas
    High Probability of sideways action this week as the market consolidates.


    Same as above