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  1. Hi guys...looking for some ideas here - help me out.

    First off, if you guys don't know how we, as traders, fit into the poker scene- check this:

    and, of course, "Jesus" is one of our traders.

    But, the reason for my asking for help/ideas/thoughts on this topic is this. My brother has been playing on the televised "Cash Poker" (Ultimate Poker Challenge).

    for a while now, and I've been asked to help with their promotional activities. Since we no longer have "legal" online poker in the U.S. (hopefully this is temporary, but who knows) - I am looking for ways to increase audience participation, both onsite and on TV - sort of a "Deal or no Deal" type of thing.

    I've thought of having spectators "bet" on a player, like a horse race...having monitors of hole cards live with narration, etc. but am looking for other ideas.

    Come on, some of you smart people help me out!

  2. deedub


    Maybe they could feature an interesting hand each week that does not reveal one or both of the players hole cards.

    Viewers could try to guess the player's hole cards. Possibly one winner out of the pool of people that correctly deduce the hole cards.