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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Couldn't find the poker thread, this is pretty interesting.

    Poker tests for job recruitsTrading firm hosts a poker tournament to fill odds jobs.
    By Benjamin Y. Lowe
    Inquirer Staff Writer

    (Must be following the Bright Trading example, LOL).

    Don :cool:
  2. I'm all in with 27 off i hired?:D
  3. fletch2


    Pretty silly. You'd think a firm which values statistical minds would understand that the results of a single tournament mean almost nothing.

    Give 'em an online account, $1k, and a month to play full time. Then you might be able to know something about their skills. Maybe.

  4. Another thing they're going to try is a modern-day version of "Let's Make a Deal" to see if the applicants "play" properly.
  5. They're obviously not that stupid. 100k or whatever they spent is worth the "advertising". And if you read the article...

    "Susquehanna did not make any job offers after the tournament, but each of the top nine finishers, who left with no less than $2,000, was briefly interviewed by recruiters while they filled out IRS forms."
  6. I dont think they are hiring based on a poker game alone without follow up..

    Clearly they're just trying to create some buzz so they can recruit top talent. Makes sense, more firms should get creative.