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    I am sure its legal or else they would not have done it.....right? I respect the Brights and I sure as hell have not accomplished a fraction of what they have. But does this make anybody elses stomach churn? Whats next? A blinking viagra popup? Or "punch president Bush and win a free i-pod" ?
  2. how do you make the jump from poker, something that both Bob and Ferguson play professionally and has much in common with trading to a viagra pop up?

  3. Your missing my point. Doesn't this cheapen Brights name?
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    Chris Ferguson was a former Bright Trader, and from what I heard the poker site is also being run by a former Bright office manager/trader. The Brights may just be doing these guys a favor. For a small donation, of course. :)
  5. it makes a connection between gambling and trading, somthing we all know isnt true :D
    Id like to know the marketing effects it has... on 1 HAND, alot of newbies probably are not comfortable with the connection, but on another HAND, maybe they are tapping into the gambling crowd.
  6. Ok, makes sense. Personally I love poker but I sure hope I don't open up the REDI website one day and see one of those links. :D

  7. The Brights know who their market is.
  8. Anyone who knows us knows that we don't support gambling (heck we live in Vegas, and we recognize a negative edge when we see it). However, since the "fortune" was started when Bob made $$millions counting cards in blackjack, and since poker is a skill game, there are many parallels between good poker players and good traders. I have posted these similarities before, here on ET.

    Anyway, Chris is still a Bright Trader. He and a Manager of a Bright office started FullTilt, and they brought on a pretty good group of poker players, some of whom either are or were traders as well.

    I have an article coming in Active Trader, and another in TASC which talks more about these similarities.

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  9. I happened to notice the poker link the other day too. I thought I
    was seeing things at first... I was also suprised to see the Bright's
    had way less trading offices then the last time I visited the site...
    I guess more traders are going the "remote" route?

    The only problem I see is that if potential traders go to Don's site
    and decide to click the poker link instead of studying the site
    Active Trader might be changing it's name to Active Poker Player
    some day... :D
  10. I wish I could claim "good business planning" - but the truth is that it just worked out that several of those expensive leases we signed in the nineties came due over the last year or two, and if we had fewer than 20 people in a location, the traders decided to either go remote or move to a smaller office of their choosing.

    BTW, I'm trying to get a new website up this week, and would welcome any suggestions...I'm trying to highlight some of my new management team and affiliates (other than FullTilt poker, LOL).

    Since I do all this myself (yeah, I know, it looks that way)...I am enlisting some help from my IT professional to, at least, bring the site up a notch or two.

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