poker degens and their stupid prop bets

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  1. This is hard to believe. And it makes you wonder if what the real net worth of these poker players is.

    Despite Ted Forest managing to shed an incredible 50lbs of weight over just 2 months to win his massive $2 million prop bet with Mike Matusow, tensions have risen between the two poker pals over the precise terms of the agreement.

    The duo are no strangers to making high stake diet prop bets against each other, with Matusow previously having taken $100,000 off Forest after successfully losing around 70lbs over a year.

    This time it was a 188lb Forest’s turn to lose the weight, and a deal was struck whereby Matusow would either win $150,000 or have to part with $2 million, depending if Forest managed to get his weight to under 140lbs within the limited time frame.

    By July 15th, Forrest weighed in at 138 pounds to win the bet, but will now have to wait some time to collect his money from Matusow, who now intends to pay up the huge sum at a rate of $5,000 a month. As Matusow explains:

    “I don’t have the $2 million to pay out…I made that bet because I didn’t think it was feasibly possible…I could pay him a big lump, but I’m going to wait six months to see if he dies first. I think he’s 50-50 to die. He starved himself for 11 days and ran 16 miles a day. He’s lost all of the muscle around his heart. He could have a heart attack. All that for $5,000 a month.”

    Matusow also seems to have his calculations worked out incorrectly, and said he intended to pay the $5,000 monthly payments over an 18 year period. The fact it would take nearer to 33 years to complete the bet was not wasted on Forest, who said:

    “He beat me [last year], and I paid him off. I think he should try to pay me as much as he can in the next two months and then work out a satisfactory, reasonable, agreeable payment arrangement.”

    As the dispute is set to run a while longer, it would appear to be a good time for Matusow to take on yet another diet prop bet of his own, as he is now likely to start losing more than a few pounds as he begins sweating how to pay out the enormous bet.
  2. Boy, I guess I have to ask, Who the fuck cares? When they are billionaires and wimm all the time please post, but otherwise they are tools who have won, but haven't figured out how to do it to make enough to go ahead. Won they won a few poker games, oh wow, but yet they can't pay off a bet. Why does anyone care? They are the same as every other tool.