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  1. Anybody know of a good legit website to play online poker in America. One that has good learning for beginning online poker players? I heard you can make a living playing online poker.
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    I thought all online gambling has been banned in the US, you'll have to head to Vegas, apparently it's still legal there :) How do you work that one out?
  3. try full tilt poker.
  4. Thanks. Any other ones? Any of them offer elimination blackjack?
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    u can still play poker it is the funding of the account that is the problem...epassport will still transfer money although now u must wait 7 days for your transfer to clear first before sending it to the poker site...and like netteller eventually i guess they will shut that pipeline down and in the process you can lose the money already with them...just like it happened to me with netteller....peace and good luck...i now have to play str8t $2 limit poker with the old folks at the dog track; talk about gamblers i kinda feel sorry somtimes, but hey who am I to tell a 70 yr old man he cant spend his SS check on ME :p
  6. In all seriousness...
    This is much better preparation for a trading career...
    Then an MBA or CFA.

  7. Agreed...

    If you can be consistently profitable at live poker tables, trading seems easy.

    Especially if you can make it grinding it at 3/6 or 2/4 tables.
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    if i dont tip, which is the norm when playing live poker i find it to be quite profitable...and yes it is one hell of a grind...
  9. Bodog ( is the best. Still accepts US money transfers via Visa or directly from bank account. As I've cashed out without problem on numerous occasions, I know it's a safe place for my money.

    BTW, account funding and withdrawals are routed through one of several LLC's, which is how (I think) they get around the rules prohibiting deposits from US customers.
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    is this a gaming site??? or transfer site?? im gonna check it out....thanks
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