Points goal?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jonbig04, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Just throwing this out there. we all know that dealing with and controlling greed and fear are central to becoming a profitable trader, I think I found a way to help, at least me, with these emotions.

    In my trading of the NQ I try not to think about money at all. I try to think of it as some game or something...anything that doesnt involve money...where my goal is to get my buy arrows in at the bottom and sell arrows in at the top. As soon as im up 10 points (not that I can or will be up that much, but stay with me) I stop trading. If it takes 1 hour or 9 hours. If it doesnt happen at all than too bad, but if i hit that point, I stop. at first i'll be trading 1 contract and if i get consistent I will increase. at 5 contracts of the NQ, 10 points is worth $1,000 and thats plenty. Of course making the 10 points is another thread entirely but assuming you could, why would you do anything other than simply increasing your amount of contracts? thoughts?