Pointless stupid worthless forecast

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Quiet1, Sep 20, 2002.

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    No-one's calling bottoms anymore on this board. You know what that means...


  2. The day is young...give it time.
  3. An interesting article yesterday at www.CBSMarketwatch.com by Hulbert re: increased bullishness of advisory letter writers between the low in July and the present low.

    This of course is interpreted as a bearish sign.

    If we take out the July lows then there will be renewed interest in calling a bottom. It's all in fun anyway. Some people get really hacked about the waste of time it is to forecast.

    I guess then when we wake up and look outside and it is clear blue we shouldn't say, "Looks like it's gonna be a great day."

    Or if you have a party and invite 10 buddies over for the game. Why order in 10 subs and a pony keg.? Just do nothing and wait till everyone gets there, then make all the preparations after you "know" who is there and what they want. Sure you'll be playing catch-up and miss the game, but you sure as heck didn't forecast.

    And that is key.