Pointless, needless bills sponsored by Obama...

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    As a resident of Illinois, I was digging up public information on Obama this weekend and am amazed at the numerous bills he had sponsored which have very little benefit to the public or people of Illinois he represents. Not sure how much time goes into sponsoring or looking over these bills, but it sure seems like a waste of time and resources. While I do understand some of these things need to be recognized, but do we need official Congressional bills to recognize them???

    S.CON.RES.5 : Resolution honoring the life of Percy Lavon Julian, pioneer in the field of organic chemistry

    S.CON.RES.44 : Resolution expressing the sense of Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued honoring Rosa Louise McCauley Parks

    S.CON.RES.96 : A concurrent resolution commemorating Irena Sendler, a woman whose bravery saved the lives of thousands during the Holocaust and remembering her legacy of courage, selflessness, and hope.

    S.RES.133 : A resolution celebrating the life of Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson

    There are others, feel free to search through his or your senators' records at http://thomas.loc.gov/
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    He's was probably just building his "resume", such as it is.
  3. He sponsored or cosponsored about 800 bills so you're going to find a lot of chaff in there.