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  1. Greeting To All

    My Name is Joaquin Balaguer and I am CSR for PointDirex.com

    I wanted to take this time and thank all of you who have signed up, opened an account, and taken advantage of our exclusive offer for elitetrader.com members

    We are very excited about our growing customer base of elitetrader.com members. For more information on this exclusive offer click here: http://www.pointdirex.com/live/en/ns/html/welcome_elitetrader.htm

    I am also here to remind everyone that we are available to answer all questions or address any concerns you may have about our company, trading, software, accounts, etc.

    Our email is support@pointdirex.com. You can also contact our Customer Support Dept. directly at 1-877-473-4739 or we invite you to visit our website www.pointdirex.com

    As the sponsor of this forum, we hope professional traders and investors continue to use this vehicle for the ethical exchange of ideas, information and strategies.

    Have a Happy, Safe, and Profitable 2003!

  2. Q-Charts are currently available with PointDirex, and e-signal will be ready in the very near future!
  3. PointDirex Trader Support has a new number.......1-866-683-4739 !!!
  4. dude, you sound desperate.
  5. Desperate? I think not.

    We feel it is important to keep all traders , (doesn't matter if they trade with us or not) updated on everything that's going on. (new phone number, new charts, etc.)

    'Dude', you sound surprised that a retail firm keeps traders in the loop on company news? Who are you trading with?