PointDirex releases Premium Charting & Technical Analysis

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  1. PointDirex….. Revolutionizing Electronic Trading.

    New Direx Platinum 6.0 is now available! Some of the features on product include:

    · Direct Access to NYSE, Nasdaq, & AMEX routing
    · New Premium Charting with Technical Analysis & History
    · Windows Linking with third party charting software
    · Bullets

    Visit www.pointdirex.com for more information about this offer or e-mail us at support@pointdirex.com or give us a call 1.866.68.DIREX
  2. tpk


    do they have it on a demoso you can look at the charting
  3. Is there a per share limit on the $5 commish? Are partials considered part of one trade? Also, do you charge ecn fees for adding liquidity when the ecn is actually rebating to you? Or do you rebate the ecn fee in that case to the customer?

    Honestly, how does the premium product compare to Real Tick? Don't tell me to download a demo, just give me an honest evaluation.
  4. I looked at the demo, and its nothing like a real tick. Not bad for the $ , but not at the level of real tick or many of the others.
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    Yes its $5 per order entered and not per execution. So you can enter a limit order or a market order and if filled in 3 executions, you still get charged $5. Also its unlimited shares. Pretty good deal if you execute large shares orders, more than 1000 shares.
    As far as rebates are concerned, I think if you do good volume that can be worked out with them. I have been with them a long time and they did offer me rebates but they charged me a little higher on per trade fee.

    Reak Tick is the best charting software in the market and has been around for more than 2 decades. One thing about Platinum you have about 10 studies, but you can configure studies in many ways. For example moving averages can be configured as simple, weighted, exponential, wilder, least squared, adaptive, zero logic. You can use most of these logic with the MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI and others, IMHO.

    I dont think you can compare this with real tick, but the charting package is only $40 and waived after $25 trades, so i think its a good deal if you want just charting, history, and basic studies.

    This is their first release of the charting package and i suggested many things for them to integrate into the charting and they were very receptive and will incorporate the changes in the next charting release.
  6. Then can you explain why your website says that there is a 1/2 penny per share pass through fee for NYSE stocks and .3 cents to .75 cents fess for ECNS. Looks like you are also passing along the SEC fee.

    You say that's a pretty good deal. If these fees are true, it doesn't look so rosy.
  7. hans130,

    Thanks for comments. I think they may have something that could be very attractive in today's crappy trading environment, where people are looking to cut costs. I agree with the previous poster however that the passthroughs etc render the total cost not very attractive for anyone doing size, particularly if they are charging the customer for Island when island is rebating to them. No way I'm going for that.
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    My name is Owais and I am the President & CEO of PointDirex. I will PM you with certain pricing which we offer high volume traders.

    If anyone has any questions about our pricing and about the company, please send me an e-mail directly at owais@pointdirex.com or call me at 1.866.68.DIREX.

    Thank You

  9. Owais,

    Hello. I was wondering which company you use for Bullets?


    Mike G.
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