PointDirex Platinum question..

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by airspeed, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. I'm taking a short vacation from InteractiveBrokers while they take care of a few challenges they seem to be having and thought I would try out Point Direx and their Platinum trading platform.

    Is anyone here at ET using Platinum *and* hot keys for trading NYSE issues (as opposed to using the mouse)? Or how about their DirexPro software?

  2. hans130


    Hey Jim

    I am using Platinum for almost two months now, I love it. How about you?

    I use hot keys for all my executions, i only use a mouse when I need to enter stop or stop limit orders.

    i believe i know your question as I had before. I use my Soes keys for NYSE stocks. The systems automatically recognizes that it is a NYSE stocks and sends the order to NYSE. IMO, I believe they did it so that there are less keys the trader has to hit, to make it more efficient for the trader, since they are used most often.

  3. ssigma


    I just looked at their website. The fees sound very expensive. What are your average costs per 1000 shares?

  4. Thanks Hans! I appreciate your help on this.

    Other than the hot key thing, I like the software for its ease...it seems to get the job done very well...and with hot keys can be even faster.

    Again, thanks much!
  5. Ssigma...

    I'm not sure about that...They seem pretty cheap to me but let me explain...

    I trade NYSE only and I pay ~a penny a share...At the 1000 share level, they are marginally more expensive than IB, my other broker. But so far (this is VERY preliminary. Don't change brokers based on this post!!!) the consistent hassle free speed of execution, good customer service, and great software far outweigh the slight increase in commission.

    I hope I was able to answer your question..

    Best regards,