Pointdirex.com-anybody familiar w/them

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Derek Nienaber, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. I have seen adds for these guys and they tout very low commissions on their site. Has anyone used them and what do you know about their software. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. mjt


    There are a couple threads here on that firm; if you do a search you'll find some information.
  3. janko


    hey, well i jsut opened an account with them, the basic one, level 1 i think, the paltform is like you see it, kinda basic, no routing ability on the level 1 and the commisions are liek you see them. i tried palcing a trade today, just simple buy jdsu 100 shrs at mkt, see what it would come back at, moment i clicked on buy i barely had a chance to see the order go live and it already came back as bought at the current ask, so i say they are prety fast, but then again its only 100 shrs of jdsu which is pretty liquid, and it was the first trade so take it for what its worth. also i think if you dont have the platform downloaded you cant access the account from any browser, well you can look at the status but as far as changing orders or placing new ones, i wasnt able to do so from their home page. so make sure that is ok w you.
    anyone else care to comment?
  4. As MJT indicated, they have been discussed quite a bit. I am trading with them now as a propietary trader. I have made several posts on their platforms and my experiences. I trade using the Direx Pro platform and will soon move to the Platinum as it is rolled out this week. CHeck my previous posts.

    Regarding the Level 1 product, I have stated that the technology behind the DORS (autorouting) system appears to be very advanced. They have direct connectiosn to all but one ECN. In comparison to IB at similar commission structure, I would think that this Platform would be outstanding for those traders using other analytics (esignal etc) and who do not want to mess with the order routing stufff. I think the DORS would be a faster alternative to IB Best route etc. Just my opinion.