PointDirex Announces New Commissions!!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hans130, Jul 3, 2002.

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    .005 cents per share with a 11.99 max. This is probably the best commissions I have seen. It caters to both traders who trade small lots and large lots. Also now they just release new version 5.3. I have been on Platinum for about 3 months now and it keeps getting better. This new version can now link with Qcharts and Neovest Idealink. They told me that they are working with other companies to integrate also. Things at this firm keep getting better and better. Now I dont have to have an E-Trade account to trade large shares. Awesome!

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    I assume you mean .5 cents per share (.005 dollars) :) . Does this include ECN fees etc. or do they have other fees in addition to the commission? Thanks
  3. hans130


    No this does not include ECN fees.

    They have a detailed list of fees on their website.

  4. This really is not 1/2 cent per share.

    First their is $1.50 min.

    Second the first 25,000 shares is .007/share; .005/share doesnt hit until you trade 75000 shares on a daily basis.

    Third listed commissions is .005 plus base commission.

    Fourth these guys mark up their ECN fees.
  5. yeah that whole .05 base PLUS .05 for listed, PLUS whatever for ECN fees (w/o any +liq rebates) mean that it's not all that cheap.

    don't get too excited; it'll probably get cheaper.
  6. trading with brokers is like walking into the car dealer. THE STICKER PRICE MEANS ZILCH!!
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    I trade the qqq's with them. I get charged base plus ecn. So for isld, trading the qqq' cost me $7.5 per 1000 shares. you dont get charged an additional .005 for listed unless you use NYSE + Direct.
    if you use nyse direct that your cost would be $10 per thoudand. And if you trade big lots then your max is 11.99 and just get charged 2.5 for isld cost.

  8. so if you use DOT you don't have to pay more than the .005 base fee for listed??
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    At least at a car dealer you can often buy below sticker. Try that at your local friendly broker.:D

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    BTW hans, for the record do you work for PointDirex?

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