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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Dave Mitch, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend a software package that charts Point & figure correctly, in real time, using esignal data feed.
    Havent looked as to why, but esignals P&F on their advanced charts doesn't produce the charts correctly , time seems to be taken into consideration which is not correct.
  2. Check this out: http://www.xlchartpro.iinet.net.au/xlchartpro.html

    Haven't used it, runs in XL and apparently does intraday. The scaling capabilities are a nice feature. The price is certainly right!

    Please let us know if u get this working with esignal
  3. Dave,

    I asked Esignal about this. As I understand it, the charts update X's and O's only after the close of whatever interval you set. So, they're really not P&F charts in the truest sense.
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    Bulls Eye Broker has an excellent P&F charting software, but it may only work for EOD.

  5. Thanks guys.
    Will check these out & let you know.