Point & Figure Expectancy and Profitability

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by agrau, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. agrau


    Dear all,

    I am wondering if there are others out there who trade based on p&f.

    While trying to develop a sound money manegement scheme, I am looking for some statistics on p&f chart formations. I am aware of the probabilities as described by Prof. Robert Davis.

    Specifically, I am interested in more up-to-date probability numbers, reward/risk ratios etc. on the common chart formations Or, using Tharp's wording, what are possible R-multiples and expectancies? And what happens if applying relative strength as used by Chartcraft?

    Any pointers? Thanks,

  2. lescor


    I don't know anything about point and figure charting, but I am going to look into it based on the recommendation of Todd Harrison.

    Can anyone comment on the work of Thomas Dorsey or his site www.dorseywright.com?