Point&figure charts for TS?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Shraga18, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Shraga18


    Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in starting to work with p&f charts, but find the "regular"
    TS2000i ones inaccurate and hard to work with. Are there any
    freeware/opencode p&f indicators (or the code for them) that anyone here
    would have available that could take the place of the "regular" TS p&f charts?


  2. Prevail

    Prevail Guest

    Try this code:

    { Created: 10.30.2002
    Revised: 10.30.2002
    Revision: 1.0

    Array: PFTab[500,500](0); {Table that holds High/Low for each P&F row in chart}

    Input: BSize (1), {Box Size}
    BNum (3); {Number of boxes for reversal}

    Vars: Color (0), {Color of Plot}
    Init(0), {Used to initialize array}
    PFHigh (0), {High price for each row in PFTab}
    PFLow (0), {Low price for each row in PFTab}
    PFRow (0), {Row number for PFTab}
    PFRev (0), {Value that creates a Reversal}
    PlotValue (0), {Value of plot}
    XOn (True); {Determines if column is 'X' or 'O'}

    If Init = 0 Then Begin {Initialize first row in PFTab}
    PFTab[0,0] = H;
    PFTab[0,1] = L;
    Init = 1; {Turn initialize off}
    {=============================== Create P&F Table =========================================}
    If XOn = True Then Begin
    PFHigh = PFTab[PFRow,0] + BSize;
    If H > PFTab[PFRow,0] Then {If today's high > PFTab High}
    PFTab[PFRow,0] = H; {Set High value}
    IF H < PFHigh Then Begin {If today's H is lower than PFHigh, then test for reversal}
    PFRev = PFTab[PFRow,0] - BSize * BNum; {Determine value of reversal}
    If L < PFRev Then Begin {If this is a reversal}
    XOn = False; {Switch to O column}
    PFRow = PFRow + 1; {Move down one row in table}
    PFTab[PFRow,0] = PFTab[PFRow - 1,0] - BSize; {Set High of O column}
    PFTab[PFRow,1] = L; {Set initial Low of O column}

    Else Begin
    PFLow = PFTab[PFRow,1] - BSize;
    If L < PFTab[PFRow,1] Then {If current low < PFTabLow}
    PFTab[PFRow,1] = L; {Set Low value}

    If L > PFLow Then Begin
    PFRev = PFTab[PFRow,1] + (BSize * BNum); {Determine reversal}
    If H > PFRev Then Begin {If this is a reversal}
    XOn = True; {Switch to X column}
    PFRow = PFRow + 1; {Move down one row in table}
    PFTab[PFRow,0] = H; {Set initialHigh of X column}
    PFTab[PFRow,1] = PFTab[PFRow - 1,1] + BSize; {Set Low of X column}

    {================ SIMPLE ShowMe Indicator =================================}

    If PFRow > 2 Then Begin {Make sure you don't reference data beyond array!}
    If XOn = True Then Begin
    If H > PFTab[PFRow-2,0] Then {If H > Last high - generate buy}
    Color = 2
    Color = 4;
    PlotValue = H+BSize;
    End Else Begin
    If L < PFTAb[PFRow-2,1] Then {If L < Last low - generate sell}
    Color = 6
    Color = 8;
    PlotValue = L-BSize;

    Plot1(PlotValue, "P&F",Color); {Plot the symbol of choice}