Point & figure charting software???

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  1. Hi there,

    Can anyone please recommend a point & figure charting software, preferably with own data source? Many thanks.


    I really like the PnF charts at stockcharts.com, but I think Dorsey is regarded as the authority when it comes to PnF.

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    BullsEye Broker is the best,and its pretty reasonble
  4. Bulleye is the best - but unfortunately the developer has announced he'll stop selling it. Sniff.
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    I think they may have been bought out as they have a new web page and are aggresiively marketing the product..

    It would be nice if Amibroker would add PF as well
  6. BullsEye has definitely been bought out. I know because, as a BullsEye customer, I received an email from the new owner.

    If you're into P&F, it's the best software I know of.


    Updata TA should also probably be mentioned -- I've heard good things about it with regard to P&F.
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    Is it compatable with Amibroker data or do I have to covert to Metastock??

  9. Bull's Eye has a converter from AMIBroker AQD Data. I'm not familiar with AMIbroker, so I don't know if that helps.

    Bull's Eye has a liking for Metastock format and will automatically set up Metastock data files when the program is started, but it will deal with many different formats through its conversion routines. Other than Metastock, though, you have to run the converter yourself before the program will see the data.

    To be clear, Bull's Eye is for end of day data and will not be very helpful if you are interested in real time P&F charting.
  10. This is an interesting link. Du Plessis' book is excellent.
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