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    is anybody using this broker and their Direx Level I or Direx Pro/Platinum software ?Could you share your experiences with PointDirex?

  2. after doing a ton of research.
    Seem to have the best mix of good reputation, reasonable commissions and customer service.
    IB is cheaper but not by a ton for my volume of trading.

    I purposely drove them nuts via email and phone asking questions followed by more questions in an effort to check their patience threshhold. Never rude and always replied to my emails with an hour or less. We'll see if that changes after I'm on board but I doubt it will.

    I start trading with them next week. PM me down the road and I'll share my first trading impressions with you.
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    Great NiteRider, live experience will be very useful. Please post how the trading will be with PD (which version of soft will you use?)

    I have downloaded their simulators, they look good. Only thing is that the Sim window is opening on main monitor nr.1 and I cannot move win to another monitor. Have you noticed this also ?
  4. Thanks for the input. It will be interesting to see if PD can give IB a run for their money. I wonder if the initials "PD" will start popping up as frequently as "IB."

    To the PD folks if you read this - the thing that's keeping me away from PD is the min $1.50 ticket charge for listed stocks. Change it to $1.00 like IB, and you will probably get more business.
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    PD has been great for me. If you use Level I the minimum commission is $1.2. Considering not bad with all the bells and whistles you get with the software.

    After talking to CSR, Level II is soon to be release in about a week or so. Seems like to be a more advanced product of Level I with Level II and Hot Keys.

    Time will Tell.

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    I'm currently testing their platinum.
    Not satisfied by what I see but it can be my fault. Charts update only once a minute / very difficult order entry / no clear level II

    Need a lot to learn about their software once you're used to IB
  7. Charts are not great...agreed by all who trade with PD. But who cares, that's what I have Realtick for.

    Very difficult order entry?! That is ludicrous. Double click on an ECN in the L2 and BAM you just bought/sold depending on which side. Or if you like keys, then SHIFT O and BAM you just bought from any one of 6 ECNS (direct) on the offer. The list goes on. Order entry is truly awesome.

    Level 2 not clear? THat's because you are used to something else. The Level 2 screen is based on the look of the Naz workstation-similar to Watcher/Tradescape etc-and does take getting used to if you are used to the cheesy color banded mainstream L2's Once you get used to it, its no different.

    And what did you say about IB the first time you had to learn that beast of an order entry system? Oh but you gotta love IB's charts right?

    Sorry to sound cynical but I suggest you spend a little more time with them and you will be happy to agree that all your comments were unfounded. :)
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    does the level 1 product have order entry hotkeys?
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    can someone using level I tell me how is the short list? a friend told me that you
    could only short a few stocks in point direx level I is this true?
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