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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mrbud, May 1, 2002.

  1. mrbud


    I have read all the threads from Datrader regarding Point Direx, and appreciate his feedback. Any one else using the software?

    I'm leaving MB Navigator, too many freeze- ups, won't allow cancels etc.

    Is Point Direx stable, fast, and can you print out plenty of reports on activities and confirmations etc.? How is the customer service when you call with a problem?

    I would be using platinum, and usually scalp.

    Thanks for any info. Mrbud
  2. hans130


    I have been using Platinum for about 3 months. Considering the speed, reliablity, commissions, service and customer support, i dont think you can find anyone better. Have not been fully disconnected, when every there is a connection problem , i automatically get rerouted to a different server within millisecnds, sometimes i dont even know that happens. i just keep trading away. also the executions are lightening fast, the fastest i have seen. i would definately recommend them and would also like your feedback.

    Order entry is definately different on Platinum than any other platform. Takes a little getting used too, but when you get the hang of it man its awesome.

  3. hans130

    Are you using another charting service or are you using only Pointdirex. I was about to open an account at PD but thought their charts were a little disappointing. I am still considering PD but I have to take a closer look at Tradestation with their new lower trade cost. .... Hard to beat PD's rates though.
  4. hans130


    Yes i am using nextrend for charting and PD for executions. Nextrend costs me about 80 a month and with PD i do enough volume to get that for free. I believe it works as a great combination, but i am sure it would be better integrated. I have asked customer service about this and they said they are working on a new release for this.

    The problems that i have with TS6 is that it does not have hot keys, and on other boards I have read that their reliability is not that good. Thats why I am sticking with PD.

    And yes you are right, commissions cannot be beat.

  5. what confuses me with this firm are
    their so called "pass through fees".
    e.g. they charge 0.5 cents ECN fees for INCA,
    while INCA charges them only 0.3 for taking liq
    and gives them 0.2 for providing liq (www.instinet.com).
    sorry - that is not a good base for getting business.
  6. H2O


    Same thing for Island...

    Hope they will change this in the VERY NEAR FUTURE
    (I had tel. contact with them but they say this is their charge and that's it)

    Will do good if they change this and attract more customers by giving them a fair rate. Which includes also the RABATES.

  7. tom_p


    Hans, I notice you don't subscribe to NexTrend's CME feed - do you use a squawk box service or is PD's S&P and Naz futures enough?
  8. hans130


    I use PD's charts for Naz Futures and the QQQ's charts, to give me a heads up on what going on with the market. I also look at their support and resistance to determine if the market is going to make a move.

    I also do get Naz Futures from Nextrend.

  9. mrbud


    hans130 ,

    I appreciate your feedback.

    Does the software give you plenty of printouts regarding all your activity for the day, or must you wait for them to send it to you?
    The web site only tells so much, Thanks.