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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by demonet, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. demonet


    First, I am new to EliteTrader, so I'd would like to say a friendly "hello" to all. I have been reading here for many weeks, so your (screen) names are quite familiar to me.

    I posted this questions on the Software board even though Point Direx is a broker.... My question is: can anyone tell me how good their Platinum platform charting is?

    I am making the long-overdue jump from ameritrade (where it served my needs initially) to a direct-access broker. I was originally going to use Point Direx (heard too many mixed reviews on IB), and eSignal. I got an email from a PD sales rep saying that the charting offered with the Platinum package is really the only charting software one would need.

    Since I would like to get a more complete opinion of this, I would like to throw it out to all of you... do any of you have any idea how PD's charting software performs, or what is or is not missing as far as indicators, features, etc.


  2. Can't you get a trial of it or do you have to open an account? I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss IB either. They have minimal problems compared to many others. If you have enough volume, you can get excellent rates and free RealTick with a number of brokers.
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    Just go to their website and get the trial.
    For me the charting they offer is not good enough, but I'm spoiled......:D :D