Point and Figure Charting : Volume On X's Or O's !

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  1. Point and Figure Charting : Volume On X's Or O's !

    How can you help me , please ?

    I'm looking for a software that has Point and Figure Charting with the function abilities to code such indicator that do this on the P&F Chart ..

    I really want to have a help about coding an indicator that doing like this :

    P&F Charting draws columns of X's and O's , and during forming such X's or O's there will be volume which represent the tick volume happens through such forming ..

    Again : I'm talking about the Ticks that happens through the building of each X or O as an individual entity , not talking about the Whole Volume accompained a Full Column of X's or O's.
    So : I'm asking about an indicator that counts the Ticks that happens through the forming of each individual X or O , Not the Whole Volume in the Full-Column of X's or O's.

    I'm really looking for any help to find the solution ..

    My cheers ..

    Here are some points to take into account :
    Please ... Can you help me a bit more :
    " I think that such an idea would need to be developed on a stand alone aplication with external data feed compatibilty like an MT4 data manager."

    So : You use MT4 as a Data Feed , while you got your own external application that processes these data and draw the P&F and the accompained Volume for each X ( O ) ?

    If right :
    1- What is the language that you have used to programme your own application software , plz ?
    2- How can I import a REAL TIME DATA from MT4 into this Software ?

    I'm not sure about the best Data Feeder , But I prefer to use MT4 as it is a free one ..
    there are others : Tenfore , esignal ... etc.

    After doing this , it will be easy to add these two indicators :

    1- An Indicator that shows the Volume in each column of X's ( O's ) as a Histogram , by summing Volumes in The Individuals X's ( O's ) of that column and draw that cumulative volume as a one value for each Column.

    2- There is something called ( Normalized Volume by Price Movement ) .. this is built by Divide the Volume ( comes from # 1 ) ; I mean : the full volume .. We divide this Cumulative Volume by the Pips was traveled by price movement : we calculate both Price Movement in Pips + Cumulative Volume in Ticks from the beginning of that Column ( either X's or O's Column ). This must be drawn as a Line instantaneously as the column folding.