Point and Figure charting: using ATR

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  1. Hey all,

    I've been looking at PnF charting for a while now, but I've spent the last 10 days really getting into it to see if it has value. One of the most useful sites I've found for PnF charting is Stockcharts.com - and they offer the ability to define box size by ATR - which seems like a very solid approach rather than using, say, a number of dollars or % in a stock (feedback appreciated on that as well).

    What do people think about this approach? Are you using ATR or more traditional methods? Or have you found PnF charting more or less useful than, say, Renko charting?

    Thoughts appreciated!
  2. updata technical analyst is the best for point and figure.they use optimisation for creating the best box size
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    Have you found any charting software that allows you to plot the PnF chart using ATR? I also have been looking at the stockcharts.com but cannot find a charting program that offers ATR as a choice.
  4. Nope, haven't found any software that offers it. Only Stockcharts.

    I've been using Archanalysis.com's Bull's-eye Broker which is useful, but does not include ATR-based box sizing.

    One issue I've been thinking about with ATR-based sizing is how would the software deal with a large change in ATR - would it alter past historical boxes to match current ATR? This may be problematic.
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    yeah I think that's what stockcharts.com does. So if you look into past data its always going to look better then it actually did at the time.

    Ive been looking though Range and Renko charts also.
  6. any particular software package?
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    QuoteTracker becuase its free, and im using the EFX Navigator demo to paper trade froex.
  8. My issue with Quotetracker is that I need historical data and all the integrations I've seen have you using bigcharts or something for historical data.
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    what has your research indicated here? is there a box size, such as 2 daily atr's, which is profitable for sar swing trading?

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    Yeah for historical data you need a paid service like Esignal.
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