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  1. Hey guys, if you have any poems you have personally written in the past about love, beauty and happy thoughts, post them here. It'll be cool to share.

    Here is one I wrote sometime ago.



    The moon, the stars, the infinite, come together to sing a song.....

    A song so pure and delicate as a rose petal. Melodies of times gone by,
    rithm of our present and drum beats of future laughs and loves.......

    Today I want to disappear into the nothing, to be able to be everywhere
    and nowhere. To dive as deep as whales do and fly as high as eagles can.

    This song, with words and music spring into a place of pure serenity,

    Loving a grain of sand, loving the blue skies of the universe. Giving
    to the joy of pure understanding, and dancing through waves of peaceful
    souls, I am here to make happiness of my thoughts.

    Clear blue water and sunsets of beauty gone to sleep, moons rising over
    calm waters, bring waves of soft light to the shores and as darkness
    the night, fire light torches bring lighthouses into view for all to

    And as the night disappears into the morning, orange light from a day
    gone by
    awaken butterflies and honey bees into a fresh new day for all to share.

    Cheers !
  2. That made me think about these two musicians.

    Scott was taught by dolphins. Paul channels his from higher realms. Scott spent a year in Hawaai on the beach swimming with dolphins by day, and playing guitar by night. Both play entirely solo. With a name and a birthdate, Paul can make a musical "soul portrait", an hour composition that resonates with the unique sound of your soul.

    I have a pristine sound system with a subwoofer touching underneath a massage table. I hear, and feel everything. These two musicians, their music, keep coming to the top of my play lists. No words to describe. Be prepared to go where you want to go...even to still nothingness.

    I recommend Scott's "Secret Portal" album.


    I recommend Paul's " The Light Album"


    I especially recommend checking out samples
    "Hearts Flame"


    Then come back a share some more o that poetry!