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  1. I'm on the road a lot and have started listening to podcasts and audiobooks to help make the trip go faster.

    There are just a few that I've liked enough to listen to regularly.

    For comedy I love Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast, irreverent, crude, vulgar and funny as hell. He has a segment where he does a Dear Abby thing where he reads viewers emails and gives advise. Surprisingly he gives some good advise while telling his listeners he's an idiot and doesn't know why anyone would listen to him for advise.

    The Tobolowsky Files by Stephan Tobolowsky is a gifted speaker and an eloquent story teller. He is the actor who played the obnoxious insurance salesman in "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. He has an interesting life story and is able to put emotions and joy and laughter and sometimes some sadness in his stories. You need to start with the first podcasts, the story where he recorded with Stevie Ray Vaughan on Stevie's first time in a recording studio is worth the listen.

    The Adam Carolla Show is another comedian I like, I don't listen to him as much but he is another good listen.

    Real Time with Bill Maher the audio version is good political humor (for some of us), it gives a different perspective listening. I think sometimes the visual can be distracting.

    There are a lot of bad ones I wont list but feel free to add others.

    I almost forgot Trend Following with Michael Covel has the best financial interviews around. Michael's solo podcasts are a little repetitive but he nails a few of those too.
  2. Get-Fit-Guy Quick and Dirty Tips, is a good one on health and exercise fitness. These are short and to the point and provides motivation if you're slacking on your workout program.