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  1. Any one know of some good trading video podcasts or podcasts in general? What do you use to find them, iTunes? I know optionmonster has some stuff on blip.tv, which their stuff is ok.
  2. BTW, I plan on searching into this today and reporting back what I find. This could be a valuable area that is often overlooked. I see that CNBC clogs up the iTunes featured page. Go figure! Apple thinks they should be featured? That is TV, not video podcasts. More to come later after I watch a bunch of them (non mainstream producers, looking for good info).
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    The Mind Of A Trader
  4. Thanks, stinks it is just audio though. Going to give it a listen, keep recs coming.
  5. I second this vote for the mind of a trader. I also enjoy trader interviews as well.
  6. Thx guys, keep em coming. going to make up a list. I see Tim Sykes has a Live Stock show, whatever this is. I am going to try and see what it is. I guess it is crap, but we shall see.
  7. ok, finding a lot of podcasts setting up criteria. There has to be recent shows, within like 30-60 days, has to be on iTunes (makes it easier to subscribe & download new show). I am including both video & audio podcasts, but I am noticing that audio podcasts are at a severe disadvantage if they are anything other than talk show types formats. Just makes no sense to try and listen about technical analysis, need charts.
  8. Oh, BTW, non-main stream media is a criteria they must meet as well. Watch crappy Jim Cramer on CNBC!
  9. looking forward to seeing this list. Sounds like something that would be very useful!!
  10. Yeah this is fun. Here is what I am quickly figuring out. There is a HUGE gap between the quality of the podcasts. MOST are so boring I can not even get through them, but there is hope. The younger twitter guys (@traderalamo @hedgieguy) are making some really great stuff. There is about 5-6 that will knock your socks off, like 8-9 on a scale of 10. The others just suck, and suck bad. I have the list up tonight.
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