PNY NVS 295 in both x16 and x1 slots

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by newdif, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. newdif


    Hi, I recently installed a PNY NVS295 in my PCIe-x16 slot. It works great. I'd like to install another NVS 295 (x1 version) in my x1 slot to hook up additional 2 monitors. (there is only one x16 slot in my motherboard) I am wondering would the 2nd card in x1 slot slows down my system performance since I heard x1 bandwidth is much narrower than x16s. I use my computer mainly for trading, reading news,web surfing and play HD videos online. Please let me know. Thanks very much for your help!
  2. No problem with the speed. The x1 slot can handle your data stream by at least a factor of 1000x.

    However, an x1 video card installed in an x1 slot doesn't always work. Sometimes prevents the computer from booting. I know, not supposed to be that way... but I've seen it several times.

    If your mobo also has an x4 or x8, the x1 video card will probably work in one of those.