PNTR .. add another one to the list

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  1. This is freakin nuts with all these worthless low float stocks running like this.....


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  2. Average daily vol for PNTR


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  3. Dustin


    Amazing thanks for the heads up.
  4. S2007S


    have to be crazy to touch this stock. The spread is .30-.50 wide.
  5. Dustin


    I took nearly $5 on small size, it was the trade of the day.
  6. nice 1. i entered towards the close at 16 and change...was up more than $1 at a point but the sob tumbled so far so fast i had to get out at b/e. :(
    as a consolation, ror, after i exited stock tumbled another couple of $.
  7. This stock traded from 1996-2000 at an average price of about 1600 reaching its high of 3200 in 2000.

    You shouldnt have exited out at 16 dollars. Right now there are thousands of traders looking at this stock right now with plans on trading it on Monday. Guys bragging to their buddies at other offices and on message boards how they made a boatload. 16 dollars will seem very cheap.

    This is going to 100 in the next two weeks.
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    If it is going to $100, he has plenty of opportunity to get back in.

  9. Today was a weird day. There are two things that might happen on Monday, these stocks like ATEA, PNTR, RMBS, IMGN, etc. They will all either correct and correct hard or go much higher.

    Even if they do correct, someone out there is going to get back into them figuring they are cheap and take then even higher.

    My prediction is that this madness will continue. A lot of guys will be looking at this on Monday morning and the premarket will be thick. This might open north of 25 dollars or even higher.

    Remember all the traders away on vacation and with family. Sunday night they will be planning their Monday morning and this will be high on their list. They dont want to miss the next EFUT.

  10. fascinating.. when i saw this hit $25, I attempted a short (short term scalp) and IB wouldn't let me. so bummed out. My short would have entered at 23.00. :( Would've been a nice $8 move.
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