Pnra 2yr high

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gobar, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. gobar


    this stock is trading @ 2 yr high...

    is pnra a recession proof stock?

    earnings comes out 2 morrow and i am shorting this stock by buying June put option...

    i dont think this stock have much upside..

    stock is showing -ve div

    will buy some more puts 2morrow..
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  3. NoDoji


    PNRA's projected earnings for 2009 are nearly 20% above 2008, and 2010 is about 15% above 2009, so you are looking at a fundamentally growing company.

    As for the short term earnings play, several insiders sold stock recently, so maybe they're going to disappoint, or maybe it's something as benign as taking profits while they're handed to you.

    If earnings are solid, good thing you're buying puts instead of shorting the stock, because they have a 30% short interest, and take a peek at BWLD back on 2/12 when they reported solid earnings with a 30% short interest.